A great club of "fun" tennis players

Brookfield Tennis Club

     Winter is OVER, and we are ready for SPRING! It won't be long now before we are back hitting tennis balls OUTSIDE.
    Please see the attached Letter of Appreciation from Brookfield East High School for the Club's donation to their tennis project. It is your dues that supports tennis in our Brookfield community. We "thank you" for being a part of our Club and supporting this mission. The Club also has set matching monies for Brookfield Central High School to be donated when their proposals are completed.
     Another big "Thank You" to Doug & Gerrie Dunning and Diane Schmitt for helping with our Spring Mixer. Everyone had a great time wearing the GREEN with a social following our St. Patty's Day Tennis Party. Also, a Happy Birthday to Dick Bagnall who celebrated his 39th birthday!   

Letter from Brookfield East High School


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